Technology growth of Rapid Prototyping processes and materials are affecting medical devices, implantables, equipment, and anatomical models.

Rapid Prototype used to build physical 3D models for medical devices like catheters, stents, syringes, retractors, and surgical fasteners. Prototypes are also important in the design and manufacturing of other pieces of medical equipment including MRI machines, hospital beds, handheld testing and display devices, and fluid collection and testing equipment.

Prototypes of anatomical parts help doctors to understand different surgical approaches. They also help doctors explain options and procedures to patients. In these scenarios, it is obvious that there are many advantages to using 3D physical models instead of illustrations or computer images.

For Dental Industry the scanning technologies married with high precision rapid prototype dental technologies are spurring a digital revolution in the world of dentistry. Now a Days Dentists can simply make a 3D scan of the teeth and Protofab can build the 3D Dental Model from that 3D Scan File with Great Accuracy and in Minimum Time Line. This process is not only faster but also much more comfortable and less intrusive for the patient.

Protofab has all Type of Prototype Solution to Server Medical Industry at any Level !!