Rapid Prototyping is the process that brings your CAD models into physical reality, In Jewellery applications; the preliminary material is usually wax; although, with newer Rapid Prototyping methods, it can be many different types of resin. Protofab has been at the forefront of this Rapid Prototyping Technology in the Jewellery Industry.

In the past Jewellery design was greatly hindered by difficult communication between the customer and the Jeweler. The only option for executing a Jewellery design was looking through a stock Jewellery design catalogue. Whenever the customer had a vision or idea which was not realized in the finished piece of Jewellery the sale became very difficult.

With Computer Aided Design (CAD) model making has taken a wonderful new direction. With us the Jewellery stores and Jewellery customers can actually see their idea before the creation stage. More important benefits to CAD Jewellery design is accuracy and affordability. Your Jewellery design can now be manufactured with incredible symmetry because the Jewellery wax model is created using our in house Rapid Prototyping machines.

With the help of Protofab Rapid Prototype Services Jewellery Manufacturing Companies can Reach to the Market in Minimum Time and Investment because the Real Touch and Feel of the Design is Approved by the Client after experiencing the Wax Model.

Protofab always Ready to Server its Jewellery Client 24 x 7.