Rapid Prototype is a Gift for Creative Architects and Designers. It has given an Edge to Creative People to showcase their Design to the World in Minimum Time Frame and with Maximum out Put of the design.

Rapid Prototyping is proposed as a media to escape the limitation imposed by flat screen representation in what is defined as true three dimensional 3D digital designs.

The key to Rapid Prototyping is in its iterative nature. Prototypes let Architects and developers refine and improve ideas with clients. By letting clients see how the prototype is evolving, major design errors can be easily avoided; the client is far more likely to spot if something is missing or not quite right when you are constantly communicating ideas with them throughout the process.

Advantages of Rapid Prototype to Architects are as follows

  • It avoids miscommunication between Client and the Architects because any major cause of project failure is a lack of communication between the client and developer. Clients change their minds, they don’t express what they want clearly or they have unrealistic ideas about what can be done with the available budget. Rapid prototypes allow Architects to express ideas throughout the project, giving client a more realistic idea of what can be accomplished and avoiding these misunderstandings.
  • Save lot of Cost in man-hour. As continuous changes in the Design will involve more man-hour cost to redesign it. Prototyping makes client clear in one time what exactly he wants. This helps Architects to save their Investment and Re – Designing their Building Concepts again and again.
  • Prototype Service helps Architects to Responds Client Delivery in Minimum Time because by looking at the Prototype Client is almost clear what he wants, so Architects can give Final Delivery of the Design faster and kill the Competition in the Market

Protofab can Provide the Prototype Design to Architects in Minimum Time, so that they can give better Service to their Client !!